Sustainable social change can never be achieved by individuals – let alone by somebody besides us. Globalisation must incorporate the mindful, collective concept of a better world: this is the challenge we face today.

At this time, when acting together is crucial to our future existence, IMPCT represents a unifying positive sign. IMPCT brings together things that hold promise for the future and helps overcome things that deprive future generations of their livelihood. These include fragile structures that ruthlessly exploit nature in pursuit of resource consumption for economic growth at all costs, rather than adapting natural cycles. IMPCT comes full circle by promoting new circular, sustainable business models and social innovation.

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Where companies articulate their values, purpose and mission, and where social businesses and non-profits demonstrate their innovative potential, IMPCT creates new opportunities in all directions, effectively turning words and ideas into action with the right partners. This creates a balance between economic profit, environmental benefits and added value for society.

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We have all the means to overcome the crises of our time. Yet political, economic, scientific and civic solutions are too often pursued independently of each other. When companies strive for a balance between profit maximisation and involvement and non-profit ideas turn into social businesses, it must become much clearer that sustainable social change is a collaborative effort. We are always stronger together.

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IMPCT builds bridges, pools potential and expertise, advises companies, and promotes social businesses; it brings together various actors, establishes new networks, and provides important funds and resources. For a sustainable change that creates a new, balanced world together –  economically, environmentally and socio-culturally.

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IMPCT wants to master the major challenges of our time in new ways: hand in hand, with mutual solutions from business, science, politics and civil society. To shape a tomorrow that truly offers everybody a future.

Im Versuch, einen nachhaltigen gesellschaftlichen Wandel zu vollziehen, drohen wir weder an mangelnden Lösungsansätzen noch an fehlenden Mitteln und Ressourcen – Kapital – zu scheitern. Vielmehr scheitern wir im Paradigmenwechsel daran, nicht gemeinsam zu handeln, Schnittstellen zu ignorieren, systemische Veränderungen nicht schnell genug zu erkennen und die Wirkung unseres Handelns nicht ausreichend zu hinterfragen. „Gut gemeint ist nicht gleich gut gemacht.“


Seit einigen Jahren beobachten wir zudem ein Zusammenwachsen des zweiten und dritten Sektors in vielen Volkswirtschaften. Die Wirtschaft geht neue Allianzen mit der Gemeinnützigkeit ein, doch noch immer fehlt es allen Beteiligten oft an Mut, sich wirklich aufeinander einzulassen, voneinander zu lernen und zu profitieren, zu kooperieren, einander zu befruchten. Auch diese Berührungsängste der Akteure führen dazu, dass Potenzial ungenutzt bleibt, Chancen vertan werden und Wirkungen verpuffen, weil die Vergleichsgrößen fehlen.

Solche Vergleichsgrößen hat IMPCT über die Entwicklung klassischer KPIs geschaffen. Mit unserem Konzept des Social ROI fördern wir die wirkungs- und sinnvolle Vernetzung verschiedener Player und vermitteln das wichtige Bewusstsein für ein neues Verständnis von Profit und Rendite, das ökonomische, ökologische und soziokulturelle Faktoren und Resultate eines Engagements – sowie deren anzustrebendes Gleichgewicht – zu Erfolgsindikatoren in jeder Kosten-Nutzen-Bilanz erhebt. Für alle Beteiligten.


IMPCT gGmbH develops and initiates its projects, mandates and activities based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that were developed by the UN in 2015. These are the foundation for the 2030 Agenda, which commits the global community of 193 states to the goal of making global development environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

The guiding principle of sustainable development goes back to the Brundtland Commission, founded by the UN in 1987. This initiated a process of change in economic and social action and responded to negative changes in nature and the climate, as well as energy and resource use, with a demand for intergenerational justice.

Building on this, in September 2000, the UN announced Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). These MDGs were replaced by the 17 SDGs, whose aim is to achieve climate, environmental and social goals by 2030. The SDGs are the roadmap for the future; they are intended to allow the global community to live in dignity and, at the same time, to preserve the natural foundations of life in the long term. This concept encompasses all economic, environmental and social aspects and is based on the recognition that these are interdependent and mutually dependent systems. Making the 17 SDGs manageable for concrete implementation in the entirety of corporate and social action is the goal and stated task of IMPCT.

The 17 SDGs with their 169 sub-goals and indicators must be prioritised and specified for the respective organisation in concrete goals and implementation measures. IMPCT develops realistic implementation scenarios for companies and organisations, thereby shaping a sustainability strategy that achieves synergy by paying into environmental and social goals as well as the respective business model.


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IMPCT brings together worlds which – until now – have at best profited from each other and rarely act together in a meaningful and sustainable way. IMPCT creates spaces in which presumably incompatible things are rethought together: commercial profit and added social value; economic thinking and environmental awareness; solution-oriented innovation and sustainable production; financial growth and cultural benefits.

Ideas open

En route to a liveable future, IMPCT is a facilitator, door opener, motivator and opportunity provider for business, science and politics as well as for the non-profit sector. We unleash the great connective potential that lies dormant between these spheres. IMPCT supports, connects and promotes social actors who are ready to find a common language and to take action for the sake of necessary change.

Promises become

Those who work with us must want to work on themselves. Our name, IMPCT, says it all: we don’t just talk, we act. IMPCT doesn’t shy away from unpleasant truths; we put everything on the table – even if our counterparts don’t want to hear it at first. We only claim the right to do this because we know what we’re talking about. We put things on the agenda that otherwise always get postponed until next week – or the one after that. Now is the time to act differently. We only permit ourselves to do this, too, because we know how to turn empty promises into effective action. If you’re still reading this, you obviously really want to work with us to truly change your idea, your project, your organisation. Be prepared: “We’ve always done it that way!” was yesterday. We stir up dust. IMPCT “takes your place apart”. Together, we then find ways to carefully and sensibly reassemble the individual parts so that everything checks out regarding sustainable change.

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IMPCT supports volunteers, social projects and NGOs and promotes their commitment to sustainable social change with scholarships and training opportunities.

IMPCT advises decision-makers in politics, business, academia and the foundations community on ways
to strengthen their commitment to sustainable change in an economically, environmentally and socio-
culturally meaningful and efficient manner.

IMPCT unleashes the innovative potential of social businesses for change and steers their
engagement in the right directions, where they become important links between individual actors
from business, industry and the non-profit sector.

IMPCT uses its own funding and acquires foundation funds and capital sources, thereby providing the necessary financial resources to open up opportunities and drive innovative approaches to solving social challenges and sustainable change.

“We are at a turning point. Never before have social change and innovation taken place at such a steady pace. New economic, environmental and socio-cultural approaches are therefore required. The bridge to a future worth living in our urban society can only be built when all environmental and economic forces interact for the common good under consideration of the basic socio-cultural coordinates. This requires all stakeholders to be involved – business, industry and science; the government and authorities; consumers, and all sections of the population. This is what IMPCT gGmbH stands for: it offers indirect help and support for social business projects through a scholarship concept with a long-term focus. The establishment of the IMPCT meeting place is an important step in the further development and interconnectedness of a prosperous society. I support IMPCT’s path of ensuring the sustainable development of a city that is liveable for everyone – development that is balanced and economically, socially and environmentally sustainable.”

Katharina Fegebank, the Second Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg and the Senator for Science, Research and Equality, has been our patron since 2019.



In order to advance social change in a sustainable and forward-looking way, the cooperation of all important social actors is indispensable. IMPCT promotes the meaningful networking of all players in the name of progress that strives for economic, environmental and socio-cultural added value.

In our attempt to achieve sustainable social change, we are in danger of failing, though not for a lack of solutions, funds or resources. Rather, we are failing with the paradigm shift because we don’t work together, we ignore interfaces, we don’t recognise systemic changes quickly enough, and we don’t sufficiently question the effect of our actions.”

Well-intentioned is not the same as well done.” For a number of years now, we have observed a convergence of the second and third sectors in many economies. Business is entering into new alliances with the non-profit sector, yet all those involved often still lack the courage to really engage with each other, to learn and benefit from each other, to cooperate, to cross-fertilise. The actors’ contact fears also contribute to unused potential, wasted opportunities and fizzled-out impact.

With our concept of social ROI and its impact measurement based on SDG and ESG parameters, we promote the effective and meaningful networking of various players, and we convey the importance of awareness of a new understanding of profit and return. This elevates economic, environmental and socio-cultural factors, the results of engagement, and the desired balance to success indicators in every cost-benefit ratio.

We develop and support organisations that want to carry out an evaluation of all their corporate processes based on the SGDs or ESG criteria and to position themselves sustainably for the future. IMPCT is driving the development of a standardised rating system that measures impact individually yet comparably through the cooperative pooling of competent partners.


Those who care about the condition of world and want to improve it – like NGOs and social businesses – should be allowed to expend their energy on it. With an 18-month grant, we advise and coach NGOs and social businesses on setting up their own organisation, beginning with their vision and moving through a goal-oriented strategy to raising the necessary funds. Participating organisations benefit from our expertise, our network, and our access to and sources of capital.


NGOs step up to overcome local or global grievances, to help regionally or internationally: to change the world for the better. They do good, and good is in great demand. Whether through donations or voluntary work, many people today feel an urgent need to make the world a little better within their means. Yet many NGOs still appear like meek supplicants in public and thus diminish their dedicated service. IMPCT supports NGOs with meaningful organisational structures and line-ups, helps refine contents and visions, and builds teams that direct the focus on their own actions and the meaning behind them in an animated way. In this way, NGOs can create their own value chains that are important for their commitment. In order to communicate the results of this commitment in a meaningful and beneficial way, we also advise NGOs on the increasingly important issue of impact transparency.

Support of
Social Businesses

Social businesses are taking a new approach to other forms of economic activity. They are pioneers of an ideal that understands return as multidimensional, as a harmony of economic profit, environmental benefit and added social value. Social businesses are highly motivated to solve social challenges profitably. However, disillusionment often follows since they are faced with a multitude of bureaucratic hurdles, company law regulations and complex funding structures that take up a lot of their energy, and whose focus is often not on non-profit organisations. In order for that energy to flow more efficiently into good solutions, we support social businesses holistically. Our versatile team has the skills to create detailed pitch decks that clearly define and communicate the potential and unique selling points of ideas. Together with social businesses, we identify suitable interfaces and niches in the market and provide access to investors, cooperation partners and supporters.

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