Our Work

Those who work with us should be willing to work on themselves. Our name IMPCT is our
programme – we don’t just talk, we act. IMPCT does not avoid unpleasant truths, we put
everything on the table. Even if our opponents don’t want to hear it at first. However, we only take
this right because we know what we are talking about. We put on the daily agenda what is always
postponed until next week. Or the one after that. Now is the time to act differently. We only allow
ourselves to do that because we know how to turn empty promises into effective action. If you are
still reading now, you obviously really want to work with us on real change with your idea, your
project, your organisation. Be prepared: “We’ve always done it that way!” was yesterday. We’re
stirring up dust. IMPCT takes ” your company apart”. And together we find ways to carefully and
sensibly reassemble the individual parts. So that everything is right – in the sense of sustainable


Imagine One Fits All

We can do this because our team of 22 employees combines all skills and abilities to think big – down to the smallest detail. We work completely digitised – but our impact does not remain virtual. We are change managers, digital natives, marketing professionals, strategy players, fundraising geniuses, communication gurus and tax experts. We are IT nerds, controllers, storytellers, consultants, networkers, multipliers, organisational talents, financial analysts and culture promoters. Our team combines masters of all disciplines, know-how from decades and perspectives from all generations. We think differently. Because we think of everything. And we are everything you need, to continue to be successful, but to really take off in a new, sustainable way.


For new inspiration, valuable ideas, unseen perspectives and motivating impulses from very
different worlds and points of view, IMPCT has created an advisory board which – true to the
border-crossing approach of our work – is made up of representatives from the economic,
political, service and non-profit sectors.

Marion Heine

Founder and Managing Partner Spring Brand Ideas GmbH

Dr. Nikolas Hill

Member of the Management Board von Beust & Coll GmbH, Hamburg State Councillor (ret.)

Marcel Loko

Founder and Managing Partner Hirschen Group GmbH

Doris Volk

Managing Director Viva con Aqua de Sankt Pauli e.V.